Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Weekly News 2 - First Week of November

Weekly Key Developments in the World of Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric) and Electric Vehicles

10/30/20231 min read

Important developments of the week in Renewable Energy (2):

— Solaredge CEO Zvi Lando warned about a decline in demand in Europe. “During the second part of the third quarter of 2023, we experienced significant unexpected cancellations and pushes of existing backlog from our distributors in Europe,” Zvi Lando said in a statement. Thereupon, shares of renewable energy companies in Europe rapidly lost value.

— MASDAR, a United Arab Emirates company, signed a renewable energy investment contract of 1GW in total in Azerbaijan. In the first stage, 230 MW Solar Power Plant installation will take place, followed by the RES stage. This project is expected to reach 10GW in total.

— The cost per Wp of Solar Panels from China dropped to $0.13. The price of TopCON 585W Bifacial panels from a Chinese Manufacturer is $0.128/Wp.

Hydrogen fuel vehicle sales continue to decline globally. Although there was an increase in America and China, the South Korean market collapsed.

— After January 1, 2025; The Border Carbon Tax is expected to bring an additional cost of 12 billion dollars in 3 sectors.

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Picture: Fire in a solar energy system