Home solar energy systems are systems used to meet the electricity needs of homes with solar energy. The main equipment of these systems consists of solar panels, inverters and batteries as needed. Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that convert light from the sun into electrical energy. DC electricity produced from the panels is converted into AC electricity you use in your home through the inverter. For more...


Workplace / Shop Rooftop Solar Power Plant

Industrial - Commercial Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Factory, workplace or shop rooftop solar energy systems are systems that aim to produce electrical energy with solar panels used on the roofs of commercial buildings. These systems are used to meet the energy needs of buildings such as factories, warehouses, workplaces, shopping malls, shops and other commercial buildings. Solar panels are mounted on the roof, making maximum use of sunlight and converting it into electrical energy.

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Consultancy and Engineering

Solar Energy Consultancy and Engineering

We provide technical and contractual services with our employer engineering / consultancy services for the solar power plant you want to install, whether on your roof or on the land. Thus, we aim for maximum quality and efficiency by acting as a bridge between the company that will install the power plant and you, the investor.

Design, feasibility, material selection, use of correct equipment and correct workmanship are very important in Solar Power Plants. If these issues are carried out correctly, the economic forecast will be made correctly and efficiency will be increased in matters such as maintenance and repair, power plant life.

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Garaj Üstü GES

Carport / Garage Mounted Solar Systems

Carport / Garage Mounted Solar Energy Systems are systems used to both increase solar energy production and provide shading for vehicles by equipping vehicle parking lots with solar panels. These systems are designed as a roof structure where solar panels are mounted on vehicle parking spaces. In this way, solar panels are exposed to more sunlight, thus more energy is produced, and vehicles are protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Electrical Vehicles Charge Stations in Turkey

Electric Vehicle Charge Station

Electric vehicle charging stations for your home / workplace are systems used to easily charge electric vehicles. These charging stations offer a safe and fast way to charge electric vehicle batteries at home. For example, homeowners can easily access stations by connecting their electric vehicles to the home's electrical grid.

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