Home Type Solar Energy System Components and Total Cost

What are home solar energy system components and costs? What is the cost of Solar Energy Turnkey installation? What are the factors that determine Solar Energy prices?

Solar Energy System Cost

Whether for home or commercial business, solar energy costs vary depending on system power, quality of equipment used and project requirements.

Before determining the price, it is necessary to determine which type of solar energy system will be used.

There are generally 3 different solar energy system; On-Grid (Sell to Grid), Off-Grid (Battery System) and Hybrid (Sell to Grid + Battery)

Average (On-Grid) Solar Energy System Installation Cost

Total electrical power of a average home may be 10kW.

10 kW Solar Energy System turnkey cost is about 10k $.

The biggest cost of solar energy system is solar module which is about 0,25 $/W

Solar inverter is the second high cost of it. It is slightly under 2000$.

Other important costs are construction, cable and its components. About 1000 $

When other cost and firm profit are added, total cost is about 10k$

As solar power grows, unit-based price decreases

Expenses other than equipment are similar in small and large projects, so as the project grows, other expenses decrease proportionally. Thus, prices tend to decrease on a unit basis.

For example, an On-Grid System with 10kWp solar panel power can be installed for around 10 thousand dollars.

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