Top 10 Solar Energy Design Software / Programmes

Photovoltaic Design Software, Solar Design Software. The best ones, features and usage areas

11/22/20232 min read

Solar design software / App is a specialised software used by engineers and solar energy specialists to design, plan and optimise photovoltaic (PV) systems.

When used correctly, it will enable you to simulate different scenarios, calculate energy production and estimate potential savings, making it an essential tool in the solar installation process.

While every solar design software is different, most include features such as 3D modelling, shading analysis, weather and solar radiation data integration, and electrical system design. They can also help create bills of materials, generate customer proposals and ensure compliance.

Here are the 10 best solar design apps:

1. Auro Solar (G2 Score: 4.6/5 -79 Reviews)

Aurora Solar is one of the most popular tools in the industry, allowing users to create accurate solar plans, submit bids and contracts, and simplify the solar sales process. It's not the cheapest option on the market, but it's certainly one of the best.

Key Features:

- Designed for Residential and Commercial Segment

- Precise SPP Designs without the need for exploration

- Design Visualisation with built-in 3D software tools

- Facilitating loan pre-approval with integrated financing (Overseas)

- Creating a Contractual Offer - Contract approval with e-signature

2. OpenSolar (G2 score : n/a)

Key Features:

- It is completely free to use.

- Create 3D designs in less than 2 minutes

- Customisable Offer formats

- Integrated financing applications (abroad)

- In-application contract approval and payment transactions (with e-signature)

3. Helioscope (G2 Score: 4.5/5 - 10 Evaluation)

Key Features:

- Good choice for commercial SPPs.

- Includes LIDAR technology for more accurate design.

- Creating CAD quality design in a simple way

- Customisable sales proposals and financial analysis tools

- Salesforce and Hubspot integrations

4. Solaredge (G2 score: n/a)

Key Features:

- Works only with solaredge products.

- HD satellite imagery and AI-powered 3D modelling

- Automatic electrical calculations

- Provide proposals including simulation and return on investment forecasting

5. Solo (G2 Score: n/a)

Key Features:

- A good option for those who want to simplify the bidding process.

- NABCEP and SONNEN certified Engineering Documents

- Generate highly accurate SPP bids

- SPOTIO integration

6. Pylon (G2 Rating: N(A)

Key Features:

- Ease of use

- Project-based remuneration

- High resolution design

- Extensive 3D design tools

- Detailed user consumption analysis

- Contract Approval and e-signature integration

7. PvSyst (G2 Rating: 4.9/5 - 11 Reviews)

Key Features:

- The most used design programme

- User-friendly interface

- 3D study / shadow analysis

- Reasonable price

- Wide range of internal products

8. PVSol (G2 Rating: 4.8/5 - 2 Reviews)

Key Features:

- Highly accurate 3D shadow analysis,

- Battery planning

- Simple map integration

- Too expensive

9. Photonik (G2 Rating: n/a)

Key Features:

- Free of charge

- After drawing strings and DC path, create a simple site plan by dragging icons

- Simple PV electrical calculations

- Creating accurate, understandable offers in a short time

10. RetScreen (G2 Rating: 4.6/5 - 11 Reviews)

Key Features:

- Budgeting

- Forecast

- Emission Monitoring

- Counter Tracking

- Risk Management